The fire and forget missile can be used against vehicles, bunkers, cannons and artillery positions.


The SPIKE SR utlilises 3rd generation dual electro-optical (day/night) seeker technology in a versatile lightweight multi-purpose missile that can be used by the infantry or by Special Forces.

The state of the art seeker technology (day/night), including uncooled IIR, high resolution CCD as well as an optimized tracker is tailored to the needs of infantry forces in a variety of operational and environmental scenarios.

A particular advantage of the SPIKE SR is it's low weight combined with the short time interval from power on to operational readiness, perfect for targets that are only exposed briefly.


Highly Portable

The low weight of the SPIKE SR and the integrated shoulder launched capability make it one of the most highly portable and accurate anti-tank missiles available.

Fire and Forget

The missile is equipped with a lock-on that tracks the target until the eventual impact - no intervention required.


The time between power-on and operational readiness is exceptionally short (less than 30 secs), enabling the engagement of targets with a small engagement window.


The state-of-the-art electro-optical seeker allows the engagement of targets in all conditions.



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