SPIKE Medium Range (MR) - "Fire & Forget" for visible targets

Effective range: 200 - 2,500 meters Operation: Fire and Forget

  Missile in canister

  Firing Post



27 kg

14 kg

  9 kg

  1 kg

  3 kg

Seeker: Electro Optical


or Dual CCD/IIR

Shelf life: 20 years Wooden round: 10 years maintenance free

The Spike-MR is a lightweight, man-portable, Fire and Forget, multi-purpose missile system with a range of up to 2,500 meters. Its Fire and Forget operational mode guarantees maximum gunner survivability and high hit probability. Spike-MR is predestined for modern operations in the multi-faceted battle.

The need for highest precission is absolutely necessary in the modern warfare, Spike-MR is a solution for now as well as for the future. Fast interaction, pinpoint accuracy and a minimal collateral damage are leading to predominance in battle.