SPIKE Long Range (LR) - "Fire & Forget" or "Fire Observe & Update" for different targets

Effective range: 200 - 4,000 meters Operation: Fire and Forget, Fire Observe & Update
Weight (total):

  Missile in canister

  (Firing Post)



27 kg

14 kg

  9 kg

  1 kg

  3 kg

Seeker: Electro Optical


or Dual CCD/IIR

Shelf life: 20 years Wooden round: 10 years maintenance free

The Spike LR

In addition to the fire & forget mode, the SPIKE LR and ER offer the unique fire observe & update mode by a bidirectional fiber optic communication link. This data link transmits the video image from the missile's seeker head as it approaches the target, allowing the gunner to optimize aiming during flight. The fire observe & update mode provides unprecedented tactical flexibility. It also enables lock-on after launch (LOAL) on order to destroy non-line-of-sight targets (NLOS) with ultimate precision, in particular during combats in urban and complex terrain.

Fire & Forget Plus

  • Plus: Fiber-optics communication
  • Plus: Increased range 200 to 4000m
  • Plus: Advanced Capabilities
Advanced Capabilities
  • Reverse slope NLOS capability
  • Alternate target capability
  • Pinpoint "surgical" operation - Minimum collateral damage
  • Real time surveillance
  • Damage assessment
  • Ability to take cover after launch