A multitude of launchers - for a multitude of use

SPIKE-Missiles can be launched from the ground or from fighting vehicles exterior or interior.

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Ground (man portable) Operation

The Firing Post consists of a Command & Launch Unit, Thermal Sight, Tripod and Battery. SPIKE-MR and SPIKE-LR work with the same firing post. SPIKE-ER has his own Tripod, because of the greater size and power.
A two soldier's team can carry two Rounds with the Firing Post. The Missile can be operated and launched directly from the gunner shoulder or from a stabilizing Tripod.

Firing Post
Thermal Sight Thermal Sight

The TS provides observation and acquisition at night, day and adverse weather conditions (dust, haze, smoke, etc.).
There are two fields of view used for observation and target acquisition:
- Wide Field of View (WFOV) - used für orientation and targets detection
  (the bounds of the NFOV are displayed on the CLU monitor).
- Narrow Field of View (NFOV) - used for targets recognition and their acquisition.

Tripod Tripod

The tripod provides a lightweight stable, and vonvenient support for the system It has a very effective vertival and horizontal damping system, with a locking device.
The Spike tripod enables the operator to maintain the following observation coverage:
- Horizontal coverage: 360°, for all supported firing positions.
- Vertical coverage (typical): +/- 20°.
The tripod legs have two unfolded positions to accomodate two different firing height levels. In addition, this allows a prone, sitting, or kneeling firing position for almost any user. As well, adjusting each leg to a different length allows for the leveling of the system on a wirde variety of terrain.

CLU Command & Launch Unit (CLU)

The CLU provides target acquisition surveillance through the day sight or thermal sight, activation and launching the Spike Missile.
There are four basic functions
- Target observation and acquisition, using the day sight or the thermal sight.
- Target acquisition and lock-on through the missile seeker.
- Missile launching.
- Updating of the lock-on point before and during missile flight (LR and ER only).

...and CLU Battery

One lithium battery supplies power for the whole system operation; for the CLU and thermal sight during surveillance phase, for missile operation before launch, for missile ignition during launch, and for the CLU and thermal sight during missile flight.

Round Round

The round consists of a missile encased in a disposable launcher with appropriate interfaces and is protected and sealed within the canister. The missile is equipped with an advanced tracker, based on a dual mode (CCD and IIR) sensor in order to be able to cope with all weather conditions, using the fire and forget mode of operation.
Vehicle Operation

Additionally, the SPIKE-LR can be mounted on chain or wheeled combat vehicles such as the German SPz Puma, the Czech Pandur, the Romanian MLI-84 and other vehicles.

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