Three missiles satisfy all claims

Missile Type Max. Range
SPIKE-MR 2,500m
SPIKE-LR 4,000m
SPIKE-ER 8,000m

The SPIKE-Missiles:
The SPIKE Family of Missiles is a unique concept of products that fulfills a wide range of operational needs. Characterized by an extremely high technical commonality of the various missiles and launch mechanisms, the SPIKE system offers very low life-cycle costs. SPIKE missiles have become an indispensable weapon for modern armed forces, ranging from infantry and army aviation to naval defence forces.

The Missiles:
The Missiles, the most advanced anti-armour/multi-purpose missile system available today, covers ranges between 200m and 8,000m in three types of missiles (SPIKE-MR, LR and ER). These systems have several unique features and unsurpassed performance for the modern battlefield and military operations in urban terrain (MOUT).
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