SPIKE Extended Range (ER) - a longer range of "Fire & Forget" or "Fire Observe & Update"

Effective range: 400 - 8,000 meters Operation: Fire and Forget, Fire Observe & Update
Weight (total):

  Missile in canister

  Firing Post



46 kg

33 kg

  9 kg

  1 kg

  3 kg

Seeker: Electro Optical


or Dual CCD/IIR

Shelf life: 20 years Wooden round: 10 years maintenance free

The Spike ER

The Spike-ER is the extended long-range version of the Spike-Missile, capable of defeating tanks at a range of up to 8 kilometers. This missile is designed for installation on land vehicles, helicopters and naval platforms. Spike-ER uses a day seeker or day/night seeker, tandem warhead, and retains the dual operation modes of Spike- Fire-and-Forget & Fire-Observe and Update.

Fire & Forget Plus

  • Fiber-optics communication
  • Increased range 200 to 8000m
  • Advanced Capabilities
  • Update or switch targets after launch
  • Achieve real-time intelligence and identify friends of foe
  • Perform battle damage assessment
  • Minimize collateral damage
Advanced Capabilities

  • Reverse slope NLOS capability
  • Alternate target capability
  • Damage assessment
  • Ability to take cover after launch
  • High kill probability
  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • Reliability - 10 year maintenance free storage